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Poison Pen

A Claudia Rose Novel 

Can handwriting be faked to make murder look like suicide? That is the question facing forensic handwriting expert Claudia Rose. When powerful Hollywood agent Lindsey Alexander is found dead, police are all too willing to believe it’s Lindsey’s handwriting on the scrap of paper they’re calling a suicide note. But not everyone is ready to accept this easy conclusion. See more books in Fiction. 

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Poison Pen cover

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Growing From the Ashes

What I Learned About Life After Earth From the Murder of My Daughter – A Memoir

After years of writing nonfiction about handwriting psychology and mystery fiction, I tackled a memoir. This book details my spiritual path, starting with a strict religious background that allowed for no belief in an Afterlife, to the freedom of understanding that there is no death, only life after Earth. See more books in Nonfiction.

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Growing from the Ashes cover

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Reading between the lines

Decoding Handwriting

What does your handwriting reveal about you? Using hundreds of handwriting samples written by the famous and infamous, handwriting expert Sheila Lowe shows a new way to look at handwriting and personality. See more books in Nonfiction. Or visit Sheila's Author Page at Amazon

Reading Between the Lines cover

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Written Off


In the dead of winter, handwriting expert Claudia Rose journeys to Maine to retrieve a manuscript about convicted female serial killer, Roxanne Becker. The manuscript, written by Professor Madeleine Maynard, who was, herself, brutally murdered, exposes a shocking secret. See more Audiobooks. Or visit Sheila's Author Page at Amazon.

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